Julien Loizelet

Magento expert
web developer

About me

Web developer since 2011, I obtained my Magento Developer certification in 2014.

I worked as a Lead Developer in both web agency and company. These experiences allowed me to acquire a Magento expertise and many cross-functional e-commerce skills.

I am now a freelance and I work mainly with Magento 1 and 2 but also with other technologies such as Docker, Node.js and many tools offered by Google Cloud.

Since June 30, 2020, Magento 1 support is no longer provided by the official publisher. But the OpenMage project allows to continue using Magento 1. In my opinion, this is an interesting alternative for the many e-merchants who have not chosen to migrate to other solutions. I contribute to this project because I think that Magento 1 can still be used for a few years.

I also develop Magento 2 modules that I make available on the Marketplace.

My services

Custom development

In respect of good development practices, I can conceive and achieve specific modules to meet your needs: data exchange by flat file or API, SI connection, adaptation of the payment flow, implementation of contests, tagging plan, etc., etc.

Application Support

Analyze existing code produced by other developers is part of my daily work. Correcting this code or applying the security patches made available by the editor allows to solve the bugs you have detected, facilitates maintenance and promotes future developments.


The success of Magento is largely due to the balance between robustness and flexibility. Natively adapted to the majority of the problems related to e-commerce, it is indeed sufficiently malleable to meet very specific needs.

Unfortunately, when these adaptations are not made according to certain rules, your site may become unusable. Code audit can detect these bad practices and put in place an action plan for return to a healthy code without losing functionality.


There are often many ways to meet a need. This is even more true when we talk about Magento development.

I can help you to choose the right one either at the beginning of a project, in order to save time during the realization or when it's already launched.