Julien Loizelet

Web developer

About me

Web developer since 2011, I worked as well in web agency as in business company. Now, I am freelance and work on several technologies and languages: from PHP for Magento 1 and 2 to Node.js for Google Cloud Platform via Docker for DevOps problematics.

Specifically, I obtained my Magento Developer certification in 2014, and I was Magento Lead Developer on many e-commerce projects. I also develop modules for Magento 2 that I make available on the Marketplace.

My services

Custom development

In accordance with good development practices, I can design and produce the features that meet your needs. My interventions are always accompanied by clear documents which specify the work carried out: documentations, functional and technical specificities.

Whether in PHP or Node.js, I was able, for example, to set up data exchanges between various information systems, manage the automated sending of transactional emails or even facilitate the generation of standardized PDF documents.

Application Support

Analyzing existing code produced by other developers is part of my daily life. On the same project, it is not uncommon to see the intervention, over the years, of dozens of developers or agencies.

When the result of these successive manipulations is an unmanageable "spaghetti code" that generates dysfunctions, I can intervene to set up corrective measures or apply available security patches. This type of "cleaning" makes it possible to resolve the bugs that you will have detected, facilitates maintenance and promotes future developments.


The longevity of an application is often played out in the balance between the robustness and the flexibility of its source code. This is for example the case of Magento which, natively adapted to the majority of issues related to e-commerce, is also flexible enough to meet very specific needs.

Unfortunately, when these adaptations are not carried out in accordance with certain rules, the technical debt that accumulates leads to unstable or even unusable systems. Code auditing makes it possible to detect these bad practices and to set up an action plan to return to healthy code without losing functionality.


There are often several ways to meet a need and this is even more true when it comes to e-commerce development. The issues are rarely limited to the choice of a computer language and my experience allows me to have a global vision of the projects: from the most suitable technology to the DevOps processes to be set up, including hosting issues and project management methods.

I can help you take the right directions from the start in order to save time during your project, but I can also support you once the project has started.